I’ve started this page so future me can easily find some of the R tips and tricks I have used but can never seem to remember how to do when I need them.

I am a quantitative ecologist at Landcare Research – Manaaki Whenua in New Zealand. Prior to that I spent three years working with very fine folk at the Arthur Rylah Institute in Melbourne, Australia. And prior to that undertook a PhD at the University of Otago with Richard Barker & Liz Slooten.

I do/have done a mix of statistical analysis, simulation modeling and a little bit of decision theory. I work mostly in R (despite my colleagues trying to drag me to Python), with any Bayesian model run from OpenBUGS or JAGS, called from R.

Some topics I am keen on are mark-recapture, occupancy modelling, matrix population models, modelling animal movement location data. More recently I have enjoyed developing apps in Shiny for other users. These are sometimes data visualisations or running simulations or analysis.